Drunken Georgia Peach Cobbler…Cookies?!

Twitter is an amazing social networking site; I believe it associates strangers with common interests more than other popular networking sites. A few months ago, I started participating in #Foodiechats’ Monday night chat sessions on Twitter, and by doing so, I have made connections with tons of amazing people, who love food as much as I do.

On March 18, a few of my #Foodiechats friends and I decided to connect further by doing, what we named, the Coast to Coast Cookie Swap (#C2CCS). We each baked a batch of delicious cookies and sent them up and down the California coast, and across the country to Washington D.C.

When it all began! @JazzyJ0nez was soon added! :-)

When it all began! @JazzyJ0nez was soon added! 🙂

It took me a couple of days to decide what would be the perfect cookies to send; I finally settled on peach cobbler cookies. I thought, “who does not like peach cobbler?” and with the summer weather approaching, I knew this would be the perfect cookie to get us in the mood for the coming season. However, I did not want to send “regular” peach cobbler cookies…no, I wanted to send BOOZY peach cobbler cookies. I love the taste of bourbon and peaches together, and I was going to call them DRUNKEN GEORGIA PEACH COBBLER COOKIES (I know…that name was intense)! Unfortunately, after trying three different cookie recipes, and wasting half a bottle of bourbon, my cookies were not even a little bit boozy. 😦

This was a new bottle when I started!

This was a new bottle when I started!

The last recipe I tried, the consistency of the cookie was a bit dense, and kind of tasted “cakey,” versus tasting like a cookie; I think this was because I beat the batter for too long. Thankfully, the cookies were still really good, and I can’t wait to make them again.

I found the recipe on Follow the Ruels (recipe below). I made a double batch; it was hard mixing so much batter at once, so I suggest doing a single batch; however, if you need to make a double batch, mix the liquid/creamy ingredients together, gently, and by hand. One adjustment I had to make when baking was to set the oven temperature to 350 degrees, versus the 375 degrees the recipe suggests, because the first cookies were starting to burn. Also, instead of buying preserves, I made homemade preserves hoping that boiling the peaches in the alcohol would bring out the flavor of the bourbon (yeah…that did not work either), however you may want to make your own just to adjust the sweetness/tartness of the preserves to your liking, and use the rest for your morning toast. 🙂

My Peach Preserves

My Peach Preserves

Like I said…even though it took a few tries, and they still were not “drunken,” I had a blast baking cookies, and participating in #C2CCS. I recommend this recipe, as well as cookie swapping with friends; get some friends together and have a cookie swap party, or contact a long distance friend and agree to send a delicious package to each other. I can guarantee that you will enjoy the experience.

Some of my delicious packages!

Some of my delicious packages!

Here is a list of the cookies that were sent to me in delicious packages, with the links to each of the Lovely #C2CCS Ladies’ cookie recipes:

Allison (@socaliallie): Loaded Oatmeal Cookies

Jazmine (@JazzyJ0nes): Lemon-Blueberry Cookies

Natalie (@InNatsShoes): Glorified Chocolate Chip Cookies

Karla(@FoodologieKarla): Molasses-Ginger Apricot Cookies

CoCo (@uc_foodie): Peach Cobbler Cookies



Half of the cookies had the crumb-topping, and half were sprinkled with the cinnamon-sugar mix. They were both good!

ALL of the #C2CCS Ladies’ cookies were amazing! Try a couple recipes, and let me know how the cookies come out! 🙂

Happy Baking, CoCo

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 6.52.53 PM



  1. Cue · April 6, 2014

    why don’t I know about this? 😦 invite me.

    • ucfoodie · April 6, 2014

      Why didn’t you know about the cookie swap? A lot of people didn’t know. Would you like to cookie swap? 🙂

      • Cue · April 6, 2014

        I love cookies!!!!

  2. Cue · April 6, 2014
  3. Karla @ Foodologie · April 6, 2014

    Ok so I hate to play favorites but your cookies were my favorite. Everyone’s were awesome. But yours tasted like pie, which in cookie form probably second best to eating an actual slice of pie. Adored! Definitely going to have to make these for friends and fam!

    • ucfoodie · April 6, 2014

      Awww thanks!! I’m so glad you liked them! Just be careful when mixing the batter (I’m a chronic over-beater, lol), and the heat on the oven when baking! 🙂 Please let me know how they turn out when you make them.

      • Karla @ Foodologie · April 7, 2014

        I definitely will. My brother begs me to make peach pie all the time, so I think he’ll love these cookies!

      • ucfoodie · April 7, 2014

        Awesome!! 🙂 I think I will try them again closer to summer!

  4. allie@sweetpotatobites · April 7, 2014

    These were delicious! My fiancee and I gobbled them down. Loved the pie flavor too 🙂

    • ucfoodie · April 7, 2014

      Yay!! So glad you liked them…and that they are “fiancé approved!” 🙂 My friend and I devoured yours!!

  5. Natalie · April 8, 2014

    These were SO good! I definitely ate three of them for dinner one night and I’m not even ashamed. Can’t wait to make these!

    • ucfoodie · April 8, 2014

      Yes, be unashamed!! 🙂 Just know you’re not alone in the cookie devouring department! 🙂 Let me know how they come out when you make them!

  6. Sandra · April 15, 2014


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