“City of LA, Made in Mexico”

B.S. Taqueria
514 W 7th Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Urban Chick at B.S. Taqueria

Last week, I traveled to Los Angeles to meet my new nephew (he is adorable by the way)! 🙂 I went during my school’s spring break, so I had several days to bask in the LA sun. However, in a brief moment of boredom, I began scrolling through my MANY emails; I found a gem amongst the junk. It was an email from Eater LA, and the headline read, “Inside B.S. Taqueria, Ray Garcia’s Triumphant Taco Spot Opening Tomorrow in Downtown.” Tacos? Tomorrow? In Downtown LA? Oh, I knew I had to be there! I immediately, went to the maps app on my phone and figured out how to get to B.S. Taqueria on public transportation. That next morning early afternoon (don’t judge me) I woke up, got dressed, and set out on my foodie venture. I rode through the city, taking in all the sights (not that I have never seen them, but because I used to live there, and the sight are nostalgic), and before I knew it, I had arrived at my stop.

I hopped off the bus and smiled as the sun beamed down on me. My smile brightened as I walked up to the restaurant and was greeting by a man, whom I assumed was a manager, outside. He kindly guided me inside where I met the sweetest, most friendly young lady, Vail.

The Sweetest Ever...Vail!

The Sweetest Ever…Vail!

She was so sweet, giving me her food suggestions (and kind-hearted compliments :-)) before she took my order. It was self-seating, so I took a seat with my order number and Melon Thyme Agua Fresca; I sipped this deliciously refreshing drink as I scoped out the restaurant, taking in the vibrancy of the décor and ambiance. B.S. Taqueria’s bright colors and intimate setting will make you feel like you are in someone’s home kitchen instead of a restaurant in the heart of Downtown LA.

Urban Chick at B.S. Taqueria Urban Chick at B.S. Taqueria

The open kitchen allowed me to see Chef Ray Garcia and his amazing team in their element as they crafted mini masterpieces; my works of art came in the form of two Chicken Tacos and a bag of Lemon-Pepper Chicken Chicharrones. I LOVE chicharrones, or as I grew up calling them, (pork) skins; since I have given up red meat, I unfortunately can no longer eat them. I was most appreciative that B.S. took a classic, like skins, and put a their spin on them by using chicken; they were actually better that any pork skins I have ever had. Urban Chick at B.S. TaqueriaAll I can say is: soooooooooooo good! The combination of the tangy, yet sweet lemon flavor with the spicy pepper flavor of the chicken skins made my heart sing. Then the tacos! Oh my goodness! They were excellent: the homemade tortillas, perfectly seasoned and tender chicken, guacamole and tomatoes made the most perfect tacos. I nearly cried when my tacos and skins 😉 were gone.Urban Chick at B.S. Taqueria

During my meal, an energetic and friendly waiter, Zach was very attentive; he checked on me often. After I finished my meal I asked him about the indoor “patio” I had read about, and he took me back to see it; it is absolutely magnificent, from the artistic details in the mural that adorns the walls to the fern like tree that covers the space.Urban Chick at B.S. Taqueria

My entire experience at B.S. Taqueria was stellar. If you are ever in Los Angeles, you must make it over to 7th Street to try for yourself. As my bag of Lemon-Pepper Chicken Chicharrones said, it is the “City of LA, Made in Mexico.” This place embodies the vibrant and hip vibes of the City of LA while the tastes and flavors are mirror those Made in Mexico. 

Wishing this gem, B.S. Taqueria, all the best and much success!

CocoUrban Chick at B.S. Taqueria

“Oh, That’s Okay. I Make Lamb!”

Good morning folks!

I went on a foodie venture this week (will be in next weekend’s blog post) and it was a difficult one for me! I went to a Jamaican restaurant in Oakland, CA, and Lord knows I love me some OXTAILS and CURRY GOAT! 😛 You are probably wonder what the issue was; why was that difficult? 

Let me explain. I recently stopped eating red meat. A little over a month ago (Super Bowl Sunday to be exact) I had my last meal with red meat: pork ribs, mashed potatoes and spinach…it was incredible! 🙂 But I had decided a few week before, that Feburary 1st would be the last time I consumed red meat. The decision to make this dietary change came about because I was getting sick…A LOT! I had been sick, with colds, the flu on a few occasions and bronchitis, all totaling seven times between October 2014 and Febuary 2015 (as well as some other health issues); I just felt like something was not right, within, and decided to make some changes to see if I could NATURALLY heal my body. 

I am really proud of myself for sticking to this goal! Those closest to me know that I struggle with willpower, but I’m doing it! This change has made me feel accomplished, but more importantly, I FEEL BETTER. I plan to slowly incorporate more changes to my lifestyle, like drastically cutting down my consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. I think cutting out everything all at once would be too overwhelming, but for me, small changes are manageable. 

Being honest, it has been hard, like when I have to pass on ordering oxtails and curry goat, however it has not been as hard as I imagined it would be. I thought I would be craving it, hyper emotional from the lack of it, and ready to “cheat” and eat it, but thankfully, I have not had those struggles. I know I’m just starting out in this journey, but I’m proud of my start. 

Since I have cut out red meat, a scene from one of my favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, keeps playing in my head: when Aunt Voula meets Ian and learns he is a vegetarian and says, almost in disgust, What do you mean he don’t eat no meat?” [the entire room stops, in shock] Aunt Voula continues sweetly, “Oh, that’s okay. I make lamb!” Although I am not a vegetarian, this scene makes me laugh EVERY time I think of it, and weirdly enough, it is an encouragement to me. 🙂

I do not know if this will be a forever change, or a seasonal change, but for RIGHT NOW, I’m trying to do what is BEST FOR ME. 🙂 

Love, Coco

PS- However, I am informing you now, when I go to Philadelphia this summer I WILL be indulging in an authentic Philly Cheesesteak! 😛 I just pray that I don’t get sick after not eating red meat for months, then eating a greasy cheesesteak. Well, I will deal with that when the time comes! Hehe! 🙂

I Like It Sweet n’ Spicy

Hey Y’all!

I didn’t have time to go on a foodie venture this week, but I want to tell y’all about a must try that is just as sweet…and spicy! 😉 

Roasted Sugar & Spice Walnuts! Appetizing. Amazing. Addicting. Ambrosial. Shall I go on? 

I made a batch last week, and they were the perfect treat to get me through this hectic, more than crazy, week! 🙂 

I found the recipe while indulging in my guilty pleasure, Pinerest; I came across the recipe on A Girl Deflowered and decided I had to try them. They WERE (notice the past tense) soooooooo good! They were sweet with the right amount of “kick” in flavor. I LIKE IT SWEET N’ SPICY! Best of all, they were so easy to make, and the batch was big; I had enough to share with my family, and even took some to work to share with my co-workers. 

This combination of nuts and cranberries is the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as the perfect DIY gift to give for any holiday.

Do yourself a favor: click the link above for the recipe, and try them for yourself! If your not a fan of walnuts, try the recipe with pecans or almonds. (Side note: I like to get my raw nuts from Trader Joes; they are very reasonably priced.)

Let me know how you like them.

Until next week…happy eating! 


Love at First Taste

Burma Superstar
4721 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, Ca


I live for the moments in my life when I taste something for the first time and it is so delicious that I know my life will NEVER be the same. As a matter of fact, when this moment happens, I find myself asking, “What was my life before I tasted this dish (or dessert)?” Every thing I have eaten before the encounter suddenly seems irrelevant…and bland! 🙂

This past week, I met up with my girl Jazz, and I had one of those life changing, LOVE AT FIRST TASTE encounters. Ladies and gents, my tastebuds met Burma Superstars’s Tea Leaf Salad, and I am in love!

Burma Superstar's Tea Leaf Salad

Tea Leaf Salad

Jazz was not as impress, at first, as I was, but the combination of the romaine lettuce, sesame seeds, fried yellow beans, fried garlic, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, peanuts, dried shrimp and fermented (YES, FERMENTED) tea leaf paste (which serves as the salad’s dressing) was amazing MAGICAL; the ponderous flavors of the dish grew on her, and captivated me! I have honestly dreamt about this salad since tasting it! Jazz and I shared the salad as an appetizer, however, it can definitely be eaten alone as an entree. I also noticed the restaurant sells a Tea Leaf Salad Kit, so customers can make the salad at home!

Our entrees arrived as soon as we finished the salad. Jazz ordered the Mango Shrimp (stir fried shrimp with fresh mangoes and onions in a light chili sauce), which was good but very sweet.

Burma Superstar's Mango Shrimp

Mango Shrimp

I ordered the Burmese Style Shrimp Curry (shrimp simmered in a medium spicy curry sauce and topped with cilantro); it had the perfect amount of spice and paired well with the Jasmine Rice we ordered on the side.

Burma Superstar's Burmese Style Shrimp Curry

Burmese Style Shrimp Curry

We also had a Thai Iced Tea and a Mango Tamarind Spritzer to accompany our meals.

Burma Superstar's Tasty Drinks

Left: Thai Iced Tea; Right: Mango Tamarind Spritzer

There was no way we could stop the meal there…we had to order some dessert as the finale! 😉 Jazz ordered a dessert (I’m sorry, I can not recall the name of it) that resembled the look of an egg roll, but was filled with sweet passion fruit, banana and chocolate and served with a scoop of passion fruit and coconut ice cream.

Burma Superstar's Dessert I had the Thousand Layer Bread, which ironically was really thin (I had imagined, being a thousand layers, it would be a thick breaded dessert). 🙂 It was bathed in a sweet white sauce, and served with a scoop of coconut ice cream and fresh strawberries and bananas. It was good, but being so thin, the edges of the bread were crunchy, and some were a bit hard to chew.

Burma Superstar's Thousand Layer Bread

Thousand Layer Bread

Everything was so delicious at Burma Superstar, but for me, the Tea Leaf Salad is the true Superstar, the “real MVP” *in my Kevin Durant voice* on the menu. I look forward to going back SOON to check out the rest of the menu, and order another Tea Leaf Salad. 😉 We dined at the restaurant in Oakland, on Telegraph Avenue, however, they have a couple other locations in the Bay Area as well (Alameda and San Francisco). If you are in any of these cities, it is imperative to stop by and have a LOVE AT FIRST TASTE moment with a bite of Burma!

With Love, Coco

Urban Chick's Foodie Venture

Leaving super full and happy!


Filled With Love

Hey y’all!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish all the love birds and super awesome singles a very happy Day of Love!

For those that are single, don’t be down today. V-Day is all about love; it doesn’t have to be a significant other that you celebrate with! Have fun today: celebrate by loving on your family, friends…YOURSELF!!

IMG_1399 One of my best experiences was when I was single and took myself on a date to see Porgy and Bess, and out to eat! 🙂

Whatever you do, make sure today is FILLED WITH LOVE…and food! 😉

Love ya,

PS- This was probably the “most foodless post” on a food blog in all of history! (hehe) I’ll be back with the deliciousness next week!